The fundaments which your show is built on 

The Phlippo department “Trussing, Rigging & Staging” offers you a reliable and safe solution when it comes to trussing & rigging. Whether you organize an intimate concert or a large-scale festival, safety is always our number 1 priority. Our trussing and rigging department guarantees you a careless evening and a great first impression during your event. Play safe by renting well maintained and tested aluminum trussing, lifts, motors, shapes and structures, pulpits, stands, electrical hoists, truss clamps, lecterns or tripods. We offer large quantities of professional products where you can rely on. All our material is run through several internal and external safety tests before leaving the storage room in order to give you the best security on the job. Read more about our wide range of products on the following pages. You can browse through our rental catalogue, or rent online here.