Ice Age Live Tour

Phlippo Productions was responsible for the light, video, audio and trussing for the Ice Age Live Tour. We delivered the Touring S36-PRT truss to attach and transport all lights. Luc Peumans chose the following lights: Clay Paky Alphe Profile 1500, Clay Paky Alphe Spot 1500 and Robe Robin LED Wash (1200, 600). The whole light setup was controlled by the Grand MA 2 Netywork Processing Unit, Grand MA 2 Light, Grand MA 2 Replay Unit and the Luminex 2.10 Booster.

The moving back LED wall consisted of the URC-1664 LED panels with coolux and media server. All the visuals are designed by Jean-Luc Gason. For the sound setup we installed L-Acoustics Kara controlled processed by LA-8 amplifiers. To give the sound an extra touch, we placed Nexo CD-18 Subs and a surround system with active Martin Audio WT-2’s steered by 4x FP-10000 Labgruppen. This was processed and controlled by a Lake Audio Processing Farm. Jeroen ten Brinke processed the whole audio setup.


  1. Guy Caron - Creative Director / Co-Director

  2. Michael Curry - Character Visualisation Designer / Co-Director

  3. Ella Louise Allaire - Original Concept, Book, Music & Lyrics

  4. Martin Lord Ferguson - Original Concept, Book, Music & Lyrics

  5. Michael Berg - Dialogue Supervisor

  6. David Shields - Set Designer

  7. Ton Soepenberg - Acrobatic Material and Rig Designer

  8. Lynton V. Harris - Associate Producer and Creative Consultant

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