Tomorrowland 2013


On specification of Noizboyz we provided the audio system for the mainstage. The main PA was created with a L-Acoustics PA with K1 and K1SB subs in combination with SB28 and Kara for out and infills. The DJ’s had Kudo’s with SB18 subs and 12XT at their disposal. For the VIP we used 12XT monitors with SB18. The delay system was setup with Kara cabinets and SB28 subs. This huge setup was controlled by a Digico SD10.

Butterfly stage

For the Butterfly stage Phlippo Productions installed a sound and light set in and around the set shaped as a Butterfly. The light setup was built out of, Clay Paky Alpha spot HPE 1500, VL3500 wash, Clay Paky Sharpy, Robe Robin 300 LED wash, Robe Robin 600 LED wash, Studio Due Citycolors, Martin Atomic Strobe, URC Power LED strip, Elation Led Par, DWE single lite, MDG Atmosphere Hazers. All controlled by a Grand MA 2 Full size.

For the sound, the L-Acoustics K1 cabinets, Kara, Kudo and SB 28 subs were installed, controlled by a Lab Gruppen Lake LM 26 processor and a Digidesign profile. The VIP got their sound from the 115 XT HiQ speakers.

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